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Digging out the old floor

27.02.17 – 03.03.17 after 2 weeks of business holidays we are digging out more of the old floor to gain

April 2, 2017
We install the roof tiles

31.01.17 – 10.02.17 installation of the roof tiles  in madeira the fix the lowest and the top roof tiles with

April 2, 2017
Installation of the trusses for the tiles

23.01.17 – 30.01.17 we install the trusses for the tiles and make it ready to put the new tiles on

März 8, 2017
Installation of the rest roof trusses

20.01.2017 – at the end of the week all main roof trusses are is place

Januar 20, 2017
We start to rebuild the roof truss

16.01.2017 – we install the first roof trusses to set height of the celling, very difficult step but we hired the

Januar 16, 2017
Drone flight over school
Januar 12, 2017
Dismantle the roof truss

12.01.2017 – We dismantle the roof truss.

Januar 12, 2017
Take off the roof tiles

10.01.2017 – Last days we had a lot of meetings with companies that gone renew the roof truss and tiles.

Januar 10, 2017
Second Day – digging out the floor

31.12.2016 – we dig out the floor, because we want to reach as much room height as possible.

Dezember 31, 2016
First Bill Payed – Start of the renovation

30.12.2016 – First day of renovation One day before new years eve we start to take the celling down, because

Dezember 30, 2016
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