Raimund Bretterbauer was born on August 18, 1983 in Styria.

In an artistically open home (the father is a painter and sculptor) his creativity was encouraged from an early age.

From the age of 8 he received drum lessons and continues to play this instrument in various jazz rock and pop bands.

At the age of 13 he recorded his first album with the band „Red Letter Day“ qualified for the final of the Austrian Band Contest in the same year.

This experience of album production also sparked his interest in studio technology, which he initially learned on his own, later on a professional level.

Bretterbauer learned guitar later during the rehearsals with his bands from the various guitarists. At the age of 15 she started teaching keyboard and set and harmony.

After successfully completing his IT technician training, he decided at 20 when he was going to live fully dedicated to music and moved to Vienna.

He started working for the composer Erwin Kiennast and became his  assistant and worked for next two years. Erwin Kiennast became Bretterbauer’s mentor for the area Composition for orchestra and film music. To this day, Bretterbauer regularly works with Erwin Kiennast together.

This contact gave him his first small orders for his own compositions.

In Vienna Bretterbauer worked with various bands for the following years, for which he took over studio and live technology. Due to his special hearing and the technical Skills he became a valued „sound partner“ in music circles.

At 22, he got the offer as Technical Manager Sound at the MMC Studios in Cologne for the show production „Magic of Light“ by the Phoenix Fire Dancers, and worked a 10.1 surround sound live sound concept and successfully implemented it. This successful project opened many doors for him back in Vienna.

As a freelancer in various studios in Vienna, he worked on various successful Musical and band album productions.

At 24, Bretterbauer founded his own studio, to be able to follow composition orders. His work was now divided into two Core areas on the one hand studio work (composition, production and engineering) and Live engineering.

He met Kurt Hauenstein, aka Supermax, and became his live engineer. With Supermax he toured across the world.
After a short time, Supermax’s hired Bretterbauer as studio engineer, composer and producer and a new single was released 2010.
In addition to the tours, he worked with Supermax on a new album and one
newly remixed total edition of his songs, which by the surprising
Death of Kurt Hauenstein (March 31, 2011) could not be completed.

In addition to Supermax, other artists such as Shaggy, Gossip, Pitpull,
Sweet, Boney M, Fatman Scoop, … together with Bretterbauer.
In addition to these demanding tours and concerts, the
Composition area become more and more meaning and he produced and composed
music for presentations, signations and advertisements for clients such as
IBM, A1-Telekom, Intersport Eybl, LT1, Rosenbauer …

From collaboration and contacts with artists at Phoenix Fire
Dancers Raimund Bretterbauer got more and more orders for the composition
and production of show music.

In 2011 he started with the “Phoenix Fire
– Show Production Company”a new extensive composition project for
a theater show that is still relevant today, with Bretterbauer also at the
Stage can be seen as a musician. Performances in Mexico in 2012 and
2013 had more than 500,000 visitors.
This project tours all year round and is part of almost every continent
see current program.

In 2014 he set the music in cooperation with Daniela Fischer for the cinema film documentary
„Thanks for calling“