Control Room:
50 m2 with daylight

Dynaudio M4 P 5.1 Surround System Custom made by Andy Munro design The ultimate Dynaudio Acoustics monitor
Dynaudio BM 15 Passive 5.1 Surround System
Yamaha HS8
Avanton Mix Cube

Analog Console – Mixing desk:
Amek Remdbrandt Rubert Neve desiged Console with 80 Channel, Automation and Total recall!!
Midas Venice F32 Hybrid technology 32 Channel

Pro Tools HD 10
Pro Tools HD 11
Logic Pro 9
Logic Pro X
Reason 10
Vienna Symphonic Library
Vienna Ensemble Pro
East West Composers Cloud 
Native Instruments Komplete Ultimate

Tape Machines:
Studer A827 24 Track
Revox Tape 2 Track

Side Racks:
SSL Solid State Logic Bus Compressor
Urei LA10 Compressor
1176 Compressor
LA2a Compressor
TL Audio Valve EQ
Summit Audio Inc. TLA – 100A
DBX 166 (old original US Version)
White Instruments EQ
SPL De Esser
Roland Dimension D
Lexicon 200
Lexicon PCM 60
Lexicon 480L
TC Electronics M300
Alesis Midiverb 4

Moog Sub 37
Crumar Trilogy
Crumar Performar
Novation Mininova
Hammond Leslie Model 147
Triton Extrem Studio 88
Micro Korg XL+
Nektar Panorama P4
Roland MC 303
Korg Volca Beats
Hohner Organetta 3
12 String Ibanez Guitar
6 String Takamine Guitar
6 String Peavy Electric Guitar with special electronic
Tama Royal Star Drum Set (60 Years old)